• Cockatrice

    A cross-platform virtual tabletop for multiplayer card games. Play your favorite collectable card games electronically.

  • Cockatrice Multi-Player

    Challenge your friends in a friendly card game or battle it out amongst one another using your favorite CCG. Server based play allows you to connect to a number of opponents waiting to accept your challenge today!.

  • Cockatrice Development

    Cockatrice is an open source software package with the source content available from GitHub. Additional development support welcome, come join in today!

  • Teamspeak

    Voice chat with your opponent while battling it out in your favorite online games. Low-latency, high quality voice chat for gamers allows you to communicate clearly against your opponent and never miss the action. Check out our teamspeak and/or mumble server information below to get chatting.

  • Community Discussions

    Join one of the many community discussion forums available throughout the internet about the cockatrice application. We host our very own right here or you can join one of many others such a the reddit.com/r/Cockatrice community.


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Cockatrice Server Information

We have brought a Cockatrice server online!
Server Address: cockatrice.woogerworks.com
Server Port: 443 (OR) 4747
Backup Server Address: cockatricebackup.woogerworks.com*
Backup Server Port: 443 (OR) 4747
Authentication: Not required
Scheduled Maintenance: Every 10 days at 4am Eastern Standard Time

* In the event the primary server goes offline clients will be automatically directed to the backup server.  Backup server is restricted to registered users only.
* Unlike traditional port 443 traffic, the cockatrice traffic over port 443 is NOT secure. It is only in place for those behind restrictive firewalls.